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[ut_quote_alt author=”Hardy Singh, M.D.”] I have a banker, an attorney, and a car broker – Jef. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Bill Webb, Federal Judge, retired”] Jef is the consummate professional. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Amy Kratzke, BB&T Corporation”] Time is money. That’s why bankers – like me – utilize Jef’s services. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”E. Ashton Poole, President / CEO, Triangle Capital Corporation”] Jef provides a first class, effortless experience. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Ken Rathnow, Medtronic, retired”] We don’t trust car dealers. We trust Jef. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Bill Harvey, Director, Cisco”] There is NO other way to buy or sell a car. [/ut_quote_alt]
[ut_quote_alt author=”Lindy McHutchison, M.D.”] I needed a car for my daughter. Jef delivered – to my office – the exact car I requested. I’m ordering 2 more cars… [/ut_quote_alt]